The aim of the Vigo 430 Orchestra Project is to offer the public a cultural experience of the highest level, offering a diverse programme in specialized musical areas:

– OSV430: Symphany Orchestra, principal concept of the project. Its regular conductor is Vincent Alberola.
– OBV430: Baroque Orchestra, specialized in music prior to the mid XVIII century and interpretated with historically researched content. Its regular conductor is Alfonso Sebastián.
– OXV430: Young Orchestra, created as the talent pool of young musicians. It has Roberto Baltar as its regular conductor.
– EV430:Chamber Music Ensembles. Members of the Symphonic Orchestra make up different chamber assemblages, which allow the public to listen to very diverse instrumental and tonal variations in each concert, as well as a chamberistic repertoire rarely included in other programmes.

The fact that the main body of the orchestra is made up of musicians from the excellent talent pool existing in Galicia, forms part of the philosophy of this project, which gives it a genuine identity and grants it more legitimacy if possible to serve as another window of Galician culture in the eyes of the world.
Moving towards the model of modern multicultural society in which we find ourselves, the inclusion of foreign musicians means the assemblage is further enriched with the experience brought in from other musical cultures.
The orchestra actively supports the new musical composition, regularly performing new works on opening nights including contemporary Galician composers in their repertoire.
The Vigo 430 Orchestra received the Martin Codax prize for music in 2014. It has an active YouTube channel where it periodically announces its concerts. It regularly collaborates with well known international soloists in addition to making diverse recordings. As of 2016, it is the resident orchestra in the auditorium – Palace of Congress “Mar de Vigo”.


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